July 12, 2024

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Problems and Solutions in Ladies’ Custom Tailoring: Business Strategy for Success

Problems and Solutions in Ladies’ Custom Tailoring: Business Strategy for Success


A sample survey was conducted among the young and old women of this beautiful textile city,Coimbatore.The enquiry revealed that there are problems in getting a regular blouse or a salwar kameez stitched!

This is the real ‘burning problem’ of the customers in this tailoring industry. When this common problem is studied carefully and an exact solution is provided, the flow of the customers into the innovator’s shop could be more.

Burning problems:

1. The first problem is that no one in the industry keeps up the promise of delivering the custom made dresses in time. They are not accustomed to be punctual.

2. Secondly, if the goods are delivered in time, they would not be perfectly alright as far as the measurements and fittings are concerned.

Hence, the ‘perfection and punctuality’ are not adopted quite honestly. This is the only burning problem to be solved to achieve a peak performance in the industry.

Lakshmi boutique is prepared to execute the functions of a real performer.

1. The shop keeper has realized the importance of making blouses perfectly to embrace the bodyline of the women in question. The beauty of the salwar kameez rests with the neck design and quality of workmanship with aesthetics and wearing comforts.

The shop took utmost care in selection of craftsman to work on the fabric with all the dedication to bring them to the desired level of finishing.

2. The punctuality is a result of ‘time management’ through division of labor. Thus the second problem was also solved by recording the delivery time and making a suitable working schedule.

These simple scientific management techniques enhanced consumers’ sentiments of being lucky to have an exclusive designer for them!

They know that ‘Lakshmi Boutique’ is dedicated to satisfy the customers’ need of being perfect and punctual at regular intervals and in emergency situations like social events and functions.

Extravert activity:
The focused solutions are expressed in the display boards, posters, handbills and even in visiting cards. The catch phrases reveal an advantage to the customers.

“Perfect Blouses and Beautiful salwars in 24 Hours!”

is the catch phrase that brought customers into the counter. They want quality custom made dresses in time, not in 24 hours always, but in about 3 or 4 days. The service extended to the needy customers based on these promises has become talk of the town among the womenfolk.

Specialization changes:
To start with ‘Lakshmi boutique’ is a specialist “ladies wear designer”. In course of time it automatically changed, not towards diversification, but towards a sharp management factor. Almost all the customers required their dresses urgrntly to enjoy the unique service. They could be branded as “urgent customers” and willing to pay extra charges unmindfully.

The specialization thus changed towards ‘time management’ in addition to the ‘skillful custom tailoring’.This is a great advantage, of course for the both.

The tailoring house has secured a place in the hearts of about 800 permanent womenfolk of the textile city.

This case study reveals that in a small business too, there could be problems for the customers. If studied carefully, we can find some simple but extraordinary solutions. They would bring fuller satisfaction to the target customers. In course of time, the customers will stick on to the service provider and recommend the shop to their friends too.

The scheme for success: People’s Problem >Critical Analysis > Solution > Application Of Strategy > Guranteed Success