July 24, 2024

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Free Classified Advertising

Free Classified Advertising

Free classified advertising is a great resource which only costs you the time required to post your ad. If you have plenty of time on your hands you may want to do your own research and see which sites actually work the best for you, after all it is free to post.

However, not everyone has that much time to spare and since time is money we thought we might have a look at which site actually produced the best results. The last thing you need is to waste time posting ad after ad where no one is looking. We have researched many of these free classified sites by placing ads with tracking images and recording the success of the ads.

All sites in our review where in fact free classified advertising boards. We did notice a few sites which claim to be classified advertising, but where nothing more than a forum that lets users post. It does seem to create an illusion of many users because the ads are never refreshed. Ads from several years ago still remain and are buried under tens of thousands of other messages making it virtually impossible to ever see them again. And because ads are buried your likely to receive almost zero traffic as a result.

Out of all the sites we reviewed our favorite was the Free Advertising Exchange. The moment we landed on Free Advertising Exchange we knew we had a winner. The free classifieds are laid out very professionally and very simple to navigate. The user friendly classified board is broken down by category and subcategories making browsing a cinch. Users may post free classified ads for up to 60 days ensuring that all ads are fresh. Users can also include pictures or include a slide show without incurring any extra fees.

In addition, it also offers many other free tools that users can very easily take advantage of. First, we really enjoyed the email alert feature, which allows users to pick specific keywords and then if someone posts an ad with these keywords you will instantly be notified by email. Wow! Next, the link directory which allows members to supply a link exchange, always a nice feature, but when it’s put into a targeted directory it does wonders for your search engine ranking. Finally, the rated section allows members to post a banner within the site; users that have used your product or service can then post how effective it actually is. All these features in addition to the free classified advertising is great.

Over all we were very impressed with all the free features and the amount of traffic this site delivered to our test site. Unlike most other sites in the list, Free Advertising Exchange free classified ads are 100% free across the board for all features of the site. We would highly recommend Free Advertising Exchange to anyone.